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Xena Warrior Princess has become a reckgonized cult TV show from the 1990's that continues to bring in new fans all the time, even now, nearly 10 years after it went off the air. A show about a powerful warrior woman with a dark past who continues to fight against evildoers that she faces as well as battling the darkness within her own soul, Xena inspires power and intregue in everyone she meets, friend or foe. With her friend and traveling companion, Gabrielle, by her side, she interacts with people all throughout ancient history and myth including Caesar, Cleopatra and the mythical gods of Olympus themselves, Ares and Aphorodte among them.

It's a show full of myth and legend, fighting, action and drama, ancient settings and far off places, mythical creatures and gods, and themes of deep friendship, love, redemption and forgivness and above all, the all around good feeling of seeing a woman kick butt with a sword across the TV screen.

This is why I love this show so much. For me, Xena is more than just great entertainment. It is a very complex show that causes you to really think about real issues and themes of the world, and visually, it's a great show to watch for the costumes, the locations (New Zealand is perhaps the most beautiful place in the world for all its vaired landscaps) and the actresses Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor were simply extrodinary in their roles not to mention all of the great supporting cast.

Xena Warrior Princess is truly a huge passion of mine and that's why it deserved it's own separate section of this website. There is a lot that I want to share from artwork to fanfiction, to my experience at conventions and the great Xena websites out there that continue to keep the show alive and well so long after it ended.

I maintain several XWP websites as well as write fanfiction and create graphics (wallpapers, banners, avatars). I also frequent Xena Online Community, which is the best place on the Internet to meet with other Xena fans and I consider it my online home.