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I have only very recently gotten into the convention scene. My first convention was in Chicago in October of 2007, and all I can really say about it is "Wow.". I never realized how much fun conventions could be. The atmosphere of being around other obsessed Xena fans and making great friends, being around all the merchindise and posters and people in costume. Not to mention seeing Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor and Steve Sears and all of the other great actors and crew members in person. Let me say again, "Wow!"

I've only been to two conventions so far but I intend to go to as many more as I possibly can because they are just too much fun. I'm planning on going to Los Angeles for the 2009 convention. But from the ones that I have been to, I have so many photos and reports that I would like to share.

I hope you enjoy reading about my experiences as much as I enjoyed living them!

Chicago, 2007

Burbank, 2008

Lucy Lawless In Concert, 2008