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I work on maintaining several XWP websites. The most activily updated website is the Shipper Seasons. We've begun our 10th and final (short) season already. Bonded For Eternity is also a site I plan to update as regularly as possible and Argo Archives is more of an archive site. I've not done much with it in a long time but it's here to check out.

  • For all of the Xena/Ares lovers out there who wished the show had continued past the sixth season, and that Xena and Ares had had a more intregal part in the show, this website is for you. It's a virtual series written in script format that begins where the series left off. Xena and Ares' growing relationship are a main theme of these seasons as well as simply continuing to tell new and exciting stories about Xena and Gabrielle.

  • A website that has been around since December of 2000, this was my first step into becoming a crazed shipper fan. I wanted a place to show my interests in Xena and Ares as a pairing. It's a place that holds lots of fanfiction, graphics, screencaps and more, all revolving around these two.

  • Argo is also one of my favorite characters from the show and, as a horse, she rarely gets the attention she deserves. So, I created a website because of this. It has fanfiction, screencaps and some graphics as well.