I've always enjoyed writing. It was an elective that I usually took in school where I could because there wasn't anything else I was really interested in for English electives. It's always been a challenging hobby for me, however, as I often can envision ideas and general concepts moreso than I can details. I've had people tell me I'm a good writer but I know I have a lot to improve upon. I enjoy it mainly as a creative outlet at times.

Most of the writing I do at the moment (though sporadically) is Xena fan fiction (which you can check out on my Xena/Ares shipper website); I just haven't been inspired, or have the time, to do much else. I have tried to start journaling on a regular (or semi-regular) basis, though mostly not for the literary quality of writing, just to start putting my thoughts down on paper...errr...on the computer as it is a livejournal. ;-)

I've searched the archives on my computer for some of my old writings (all from school) and found some that I think are worth sharing.

Short Stories



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