In A Silent Autumn Night

Inspired by Tennyson

May 2001
High School English, Senior

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Twilight has set upon the land
The air is like a cool blanket
The moon is big and full
Covering the land with its brilliant glow

Leaves of orange, yellow, and red
Sway back and fourth in the breeze
Some falling gently to the ground

Birds nestled in their nests
High in the trees where they sleep
Squirrels snuggled together
In hollowed holes of the tree trunks

Hooting owls make their song
Crickets chirp in rhythm
The quiet babbling of a nearby brook
Make the night seem almost silent

Ever so often
A bat would fly across the sky
Scooping up little insects

Shadows from the trees
Add an eerie feel to the forest
But the darkened depths
Are only alive
Until the rising sun
Graces the land once more