I have never really considered myself an 'artist'. At least, not in the truest sense of the word (traditional media like painting, drawing etc). I can visualize ideas, concepts, images in my mind but not enough to put them into practice on paper. I'm always needing a reference point from which I can use to recreate into a drawing. That's why I have always been into working digitally because the computer enhances what I am more challenged to do on paper. And I'm much more into creating design than I am creating artwork because a lot of the time I just don't have the patience to work with traditional media. :-D

Aside from that, I have still liked drawing. I haven't done much of it lately. My work has all come from high school and college art classes that I have taken as part of my studies. They're no masterpieces but some of them I do think turned out well and I'd like to share them.

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