My Cats

I have always had cats. Currently, I have 4 (a white one and a family of 3 black and white ones, a mother and her two kittens--though they aren't kittens anymore!). I love them so much. The family of three were all strays that showed up at our house one day in 1997 and we've had them ever since. They all have their distinct personalities: Mama Kitty is the queen and she rules the house (or thinks she does). Buba is laid back and such a lovable big guy--like a teddy bear. And Juju is the scardy cat of the bunch, afraid of her own shadow sometimes, I think (or maybe she sees ghosts) and she is always needing to feel protected and safe. And White Kitty--oh, she is just the silliest little cat who is not too bright and rather needy but oh so adorable and lovable that you've just got to love her.

There are also neighborhood cats who come around and spend time at our house as well. It must be a cat community around where my family lives.

Mama Kitty (real name, "Misty")

Buba (other names, "Dude Man", "Butch"; real name, "Patch")

Juju (other names, "Beany Baby"; real name, "Jewel")

Muffy (other names, "Muffin", "White Kitty")

Group Shots

Neighborhood Visitors

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